Just like a 'paper' teacher planner - only better!

From only $24.95, the teacher eDiary has been designed to look just like your hardcopy planner with Subject/Period, Lesson Outlines and Homework columns.


The Teacher eDiary is a paperless planner that allows you to view tomorrow’s lessons today. It pre-loads every one of your timetabled subjects & classes across the entire teaching year....all you have to do is start adding your lesson plans.

Most teachers will be happy to add quick notes directly onto the screen; however the Teacher eDiary also provides a detailed lesson and homework function. With the handy forward and back functions, you can quickly go to your next scheduled class and add homework or check what you taught, faster than turning a page! You can even add homework reminders and view a list of the lessons you have planned for a specific class or subject.

With over 50 Organisational Tools

  • Add or modify your timetable
  • One click term-to-term copy feature
  • Create, copy, print lessons
  • Add homework & archive lessons
  • View your planner in daily/weekly view
  • Add work due reminders
  • Mark attendance, add comments
  • Hyperlinked subject/class in daily view
  • Create & mark assessment tasks
  • Hyperlink lessons to websites
  • Add teaching resources & documents
  • Schedule events, notices & activities
  • Add documents, photos & files
  • View school notices & events
  • Create online classrooms
  • Create teacher forums & community links
  • Send messages & reminders
  • Log professional learning, meetings & study
  • Pre-loaded with resources
  • Print, graph, copy, export & PDF reports

How much does the Teacher eDiary cost?

Individual teachers who want to use the online eDiary as a teacher’s planner/diary (and do not require a school-wide account subscription) can choose from:

12 months for 1 Teacher: $24.95
24 months for 1 Teacher $39.95



 If you would like to investigate the option of having your own individual online teacher planner as part of a school-wide eDiary, please visit our School eDiary page.

Click links below for more information on other eDiary versions:

 School eDiary  Student eDiary




Now in its sixth year, we continuously fine tune the Teacher eDiary to meet the demands of teachers. With our all new drag and drop timetable setup feature and pre-set term dates you’ll find setting up your term timetables quick and easy. Colour code each of your subjects and classes for easy visual reference and create numerous, flexible timetable configurations to suit your teaching.

Once setup, your teacher eDiary automatically uploads your complete timetable into the daily or weekly online planner, allowing you to plan for every class, for every period, for every day of the school year.

Plus we’ve added these great new features:

  • New pre-set term dates and setup
  • One click term-to-term copy feature
  • Extended 60-240 minute log in time
  • New sub-menu with easy-to-understand icons
  • Quick attendance feature from the Daily screen
  • New screen display preference settings
  • Next and previous buttons in daily planner view
  • Homework column in daily planner view
  • Hyperlinked subject/class in daily view
  • New 600 character lesson summary
  • New timetable quick access


Some Important Questions you might have:


  1. What is the Teacher Diary?

The Teacher eDiary is a 24/7 online HTML 5 web-based application using the latest specification server and software accessed by a user email and password.


  1. Is the Teacher eDiary secure?

The Teacher eDiary is not cloud based. It is stored on our private cloud Australian server using SSL 128 bit high-grade encryption with daily data backups.


  1. What device do I need to access the eDiary?

The Teacher eDiary can be accessed using Chrome, Mozilla Firefox & Safari browsers on PC, Mac, laptop, iPad and most mobile phone devices (it is not an app)


  1. How do I set it up?

It is set up in 5 steps including choosing your timetable settings, adding some classes, non-teaching activities, rooms and then creating your term timetable.


  1. Do I need to add students?

If you are using it as a straight teaching planner, students are optional. However if you want to mark attendance or add assessment tasks, you can import your student’s names using a simple spreadsheet template within the eDiary.


  1. What if I need support?

The Teacher eDiary has inbuilt manuals in each screen, as well FAQs and because it’s based in Australia, you can call us directly for instant help or email your queries.


  1. Is there a school version?
             Yes, we can provide the School eDiary version which links all teachers               within the school allowing announcements and communication                           between teachers and administration.


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