The simple, easy to use online planner for students

From around $2.95 per student the Student eDiary is presented in a simple and accessible format that students can follow, much like the look of their paper diary.

Here at Createl Publishing, we understand that we are living in a digital age, and that it is hard to find a teenager without a mobile phone, tablet or other electronic device glued to their palm! That's why we've developed the online Student eDiary. This eDiary will it ensure that students are up-to-date with all of their homework and assessment tasks and are kept up-to-date with school events so that they'll never again forget that important school functions. The Student eDiary can include a custom school logo, name and colour as well as school information and policy pages.

We have taken on your feedback and worked with students to come up with a brand new revised version of the Student eDiary with these handy features.

With the following organisational Tools

  • View your planner in daily/weekly view
  • Add homework & tasks
  • Tick off homework when complete
  • Add work due reminders
  • View school events, notices & activities
  • Add and view school policies uploaded by your admin
  • Add documents, photos & files
  • Submit work to your eDiary
  • Receive homework from your teachers
  • Create online classrooms
  • Add or modify your timetable
  • Send messages & reminders
  • Pre-loaded with resources
  • Communicate with your teachers and school admin
  • And much more!


Student eDiary Subscriptions

Individual School - Student Subscriptions

For schools that want their students to use the Student eDiary as a student planner/diary and do not require a school-wide account subscription.






For schools that want their students to be part of a school-wide subscription, linking teachers, students and administration, choose from a combination of subscriptions:

School-Teacher-Student Subscriptions

For schools who want school-wide eDiaries for 10+ teachers and 30+ students allowing school administrators, teachers and students to be linked via the eDiary.

  • 12 months
  • $1715.00*
  • 11-20 Teachers
  • 251-500 Students
  • Subscribe
  • 12 months
  • $949.00
  • 5-10 Teachers
  • 30-250 Students
  • Subscribe
  • 12 months
  • POA**
  • 20+ Teachers
  • 500+ Students
  • Contact Us







**Price on application – call us on 03 9336 0800 for a great price on 20 or more teachers
* Equivalent price of $3.43 per student based on 500 student

School-Student Subscriptions

For schools who want school-wide eDiaries for 30 or more students allowing school administrators and students to be linked via the eDiary.

  • 12 months
  • $1475.00*
  • 251-500 Students
  • Subscribe







**Price on application – call us on 03 9336 0800 for a great price on 500 or more students
* Equivalent price of $2.95 per student based on 500 students

If you would like to investigate the option of having your student planners as part of a school-wide eDiary, please call us on 03 9336 0800 for more information.

Some Important Questions you might have:

  1. What is the Student Diary?

The Student eDiary is a 24/7 online HTML 5 web-based application using the latest specification server and software accessed by a user email and password.


  1. Is the Student eDiary secure?

The Student eDiary is not cloud based. It is stored on our private cloud Australian server using SSL 128 bit high-grade encryption with daily data backups.


  1. What device do I need to access the eDiary?

The Student eDiary can be accessed using Chrome, Mozilla Firefox & Safari browsers on PC, Mac, laptop, iPad and most mobile phone devices (it is not an app).


  1. How do I set it up?

Once you purchase a Student and/or School eDiary, we will set it up for you. Import students and teachers and set up a basic timetable so that you are ready to go. Or you can set it up in 4 steps including choosing your timetable settings, adding some classes, non-teaching activities, rooms and then creating your term timetable.


  1. What if I need support?

            The Student eDiary has inbuilt manuals in each screen, as well FAQs                and because it’s based in Australia, you can call us directly for instant                help or email your queries.

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